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Many times, after obtaining a new APO, NEW refractor, RC, guide scope, or camera, we get confused when we notice the many brackets one needs to acquire in order to utilise the new items on top of our previous astronomical purchases. This is because different brackets are required for different products. We are continuing our search for a location that stocks an appropriate converter or bracket. The majority of people end up getting into DIY 3D plastic printing, which results in expensive products with no after-sale assistance.

Since the inception of VORION SCIENTIFIC IN INDIA – we are developing many astronomical accessories. Accessories which are hard to find in Astronomical market. So we thought to start manufacturing many of such brackets in INDIA Only.

There are different types of Brackets being manufactured by VORION SCIENTIFIC and are showcased in the photo above :

Here you will be finding Synta – EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC – LASER BRACKETS – etc.

From Top Left :

  1. Explore Scientific To Synta Bracket
  2. Explore Scientific to ZWO ASI AIR PRO Holder Bracket
  3. Synta To ZWO ASIAIR PRO Holder Bracket
  4. Synta Style Bracket – There are two variants in this : Simple and Universal Style
  5. ZWO ASI AIR PRO Holder Bracket
  6. Synta Style with Flat Base Bracket
  7. Synta Style Universal Bracket

From Bottom row left :

  1. Synta Style Tri-bracket with Square Design
  2. Synta Style Tri-bracket with Circular Design and Riser Block and synta Base
  3. Synta Style Tri-bracket with Circular Design and EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC BASE
  4. Synta Style Dual Bracket with one Synta Style bracket and another is Laser Bracket
  5. 50mm Finderscope to Guidescope Rings with Riser block and Synta base
  6. 50mm Finderscope to Guidescope Rings with Synta Base only
  7. Laser Pointer Bracket with Riser and Synta Base
  8. Laser Pointer Bracket with Explore Scientific Base
  9. Laser Pointer Bracket with Synta Base

Vorion Scientific Adjustable Telescope Laser Bracket Stand (with Synta Shoe) (Black)

All our Knurled Bolts are High Quality – Brass Knobs – One of the Best in the Astro Market.

Vorion Scientific M4 Brass Knurled Knobs


All Brackets are having 6 Series Aluminium

ALL METAL – Sturdy – Black Anodized

If you any custom requirement / having any issue or query you can contact VORION SCIENTIFIC

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