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140mm Tube Ring :- Product Details

 A Superb quality Vorion Scientific™  Telescope Mounting Rings made out of Cast Aluminium with widest Base to use with any astronomic dovetail mountings which will make your tube looks amazing and most versatile while using on your GEM or any Alt-Az Mount.

These 140 mm, Black felt-lined Tube rings from Vorion Scientific™  are made out of Cast aluminium, powder coated in OrangishRed, have Black felt material, will fit most 140 mm OD tubes. 

Recommended to use with any 138mm-142mm Tube rings.

There are six threaded holes – three on the bottom and three  on the top - for mounting on most dovetail plates  (e.g. VIXEN, LOSMANDY). 

All six holes are M6 tap threaded and center-to-center distance between each pair of holes is 30mm with maximum 60mm of adjustment.

A special Black Felt-lined material to protect your precious and delicate telescope tube finish and avoids any marring effect creates due to use of cheap tube rings.

Very elegant, Powder coated with OrangishRed Colour.

Most comfortable and large knobs with highly knurled version for easy tight fitting.

The base of the Tube ring is 30mm wide x 100mm long on both sides. Thickness of ring is also 30mm.

Weight of a set of two rings with large knobs is 1125gm.


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Vorion Scientific OTA RINGS

All Sizes Tube Rings are Coming Soon...

The Vorion Scientific™ OTA Tube Rings in premium Quality Aluminium with felt lining to avoid marring is coming soon in many different sizes from smaller size refractor to large size Newtonian Rings with specific sizes and also in Custom Sizes for those DIY lovers out there.

We wish to provide the OTA rings in different colors and as per user specifications.

With Wider Base on both end of the tube rings that will support smaller Vixen Dovetails and Wider Losmandy to give your OTA a rock solid Support so that you can mount whatever accesories you wish to mount with all ease.

All the OTA rings will be available in Premium Colors.

ANY ONE WISH TO HAVE SUCH DESIGNS CAN BOOK / Send us the mail so that we can inform you in prior.


Thank you for the Support. 


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