Vorion Scientific™ Research Project Works

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Vorion Scientific™ started with an aim to manufacture scientific instruments in India. These led us to dive deeply into some of the crucial problems. And Our Team of engineers are dedicated to solve and find some unique ways to fullfil the needs of the problems.

We are working simultaneously on different research works apart from traditional market requirement of science community.

Present Research work is going on making spectropolarimeter in astronomy.

We named it as PROJECT ALPS.


  1. Project ALPS:
    “ALPS” is an Achromatic Low Resolution Spectro-Polarimeter, designed for the Cassegrain type telescopes can be operated with telescopes having focal ratios in between F/5 and above by changing an additional short focal length achromatic doublet lens after slit.
    In normal conditions, “ALPS” covers full optical electromagnetic spectrum (400nm-700nm) at spectral resolution of R= 1400, based on sensor size. Vorion Scientfic™, AHD India jointly working on it with Cepheid Observatory, RBT, India.

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