Upcoming 3M Vorion Scientific™ Observatory

Product Detail

Vorion Scientific™ , A Private Scientific Instrument manufacturer, based in Ahmedabad, India is coming up with it's new design for future Astronomical Observatories for India.

Here, the propose observatory shown here,will soon be a reality. It's 3 Meter Observatory. The State of an art design for the propose observatory is made keeping all the comfort and strength needed to fulfill all the needs of an astronomical Observatory.

Material = Special Composite Resin

Dimension= 3Meter

Comments :- If you are interested in the design and want to buy the first copy of the observatory, Do contact us. There will be many variants and designs that will be accomodated as per the client requirements. 


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Only making Observatory will not fulfill our aim to provide a satisfactory service to our clients' dream to excel in Astronomy, until we give them maintenance and the much needed after service for dedicated or CUSTOM telescope Accessories making. Do check out our TELESCOPE ACCESSORIES MADE IN INDIA...

The First Look of Upcoming Observatory

The Vorion Scientific Observatory is on its way.... Stay Tuned... #MakeInIndia