1.25" & 2" Collimation Caps

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As the world is moving towards faster Newtonians & Dobsonian Scopes, a very essential and handy  alignment / collimation tool is here from Vorion Scientific™. 

There are other "classical" cheshires or other cheshires with reflective material in the market(mostly are less reflective), but we have come with some ingenious design for highest reflectance.

With an ingenious manufacturing design we come up with our new collimation cap. All CNC & Laser machined in Aluminium with two options of Vorion Red and Black in color option.

When you sight from the Vorion Scientific LineUp Collimation Cap, a very bright circle with a black - blank space in the middle , one can find.

All you need to do is align the primary mirror circle/triangle(whatever marking one is using) Marker with the blank space of the LineUp Bright spot.

And bingo !!! 

The central exit pupil of the 2”/ 1.25” Metal Collimator is 1.5mm and will be centered around +-0.5mm which is more than sufficient for alignment for seeing the price range.

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